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The Story of ChoiX

There remains an inherent disconnect between customers and moving vendors in Tier II and Tier III cities pan India. Customers while sitting at home are oblivious of their existence, whereas moving vendors are left in the open to fend for themselves against the giants of the world whose technical superiority places them at an advantage against them. In case of customers, choice, value for money and convenience don’t go hand to hand leading to a lesser than optimum purchase.

Indian moving street vendor stands over USD 2.5 bn, but remains largely fragmented. Hence, this supply chain remains largely untapped and forgotten.

Choix aims to reinvigorate this supply chain by being that unique player who would not only provide you the comfort of online buying but also sate your desire to choose for your own self, and in the process socially impact the life of moving vendors.

An "on order" technological platform that would provide convenience of ordering from anywhere and choosing (by touching and feeling) or let going products at desired location

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